HarborLights is a "Total Harbor Management Software Package by Mare Liberum", that provides real-time ship information to harbor support and security services. Harborlights is the first software package in the world to connect AIS information with pilot scheduling information, effectively unifying the information used by harbor services.

Harbors by nature are fragmented into various support and security groups catering to the shipping industry, i.e., Harbor Pilots, tugs, mooring, ship agents, ship suppliers, trucking & railroad companies. HarborLights allows a harbor to work in harmony and unison while allowing the services to maintain their professional independence while having the advantage of using the same scheduling information at the same time.

For ten years HarborLights has been developing a dispatch system with the Houston Pilots. Working with the Houston Pilots allowed HarborLights to interface with a number of Harbor support and security services. It became evident that the port could benefit as a whole if communications could be streamlined in a real-time world.